The Magic That Dating can bring

Whoever said that “Being single is a Crime”? This is just one reason why some people would really go out of the way to help their single friend or relative find their own partner. Some would even play Cupid to find somebody where he can shoot his arrow to two single people. Aside from being Mr. or Miss Cupid they are also the Match Maker of the year. They match a boy and a girl, set them up for a date and hope that some magic will happen on their date.


When a boy and a girl met by chance or a matchmaker set them up for an unexpected or unavoidable encounter, they get to know each other. They agreed to meet again for a date where they will have a chance to really know each other. The common place to go on a date would be in a restaurant or a food chain where the couple can talk and eat. This is just a friendly date, but the ever faithful matchmakers are waiting eagerly for the kind of miracle that they want to happen. To some people dating is a very important phase or stage for some kind of relationship to happen. During the dating period the boy or the girl will already be able to gage their feelings for each other. The couple may have developed a mutual understanding or mutual liking and respect for each other, which could then be a good sign that the matchmaker is waiting. During the couple’s second date, the magic could already be there because both of them have agreed to the second date. It could already be an intimate date (this time) and if Mr. Cupid is around, he could make the magic possible.

What started out as a friendly date is now an intimate date and without much more ado, the couple finally realized that they’re already in loved with each other. Mr. Cupid must have hit them both at the center of their heart.

From the friendly date to the intimate or romantic date, a wonderful relationship starts to bloom. The dating portion does not end when the relationship has already bloomed, instead, dating will make their relationship more stable. Dating should continue even after the couple has already exchanged “I do’s”.This is just another wonderful love story which was authored by the matchmaker and Mr. Cupid.

You have to remember, always make it a point to date, to make your relationship stronger. Many stories have been told about what happened after the first “date”. Some stories resemble the fairy tale love story which has the “And They Live Happily Ever After” ending.

Dating plays an important role in every relationship. During this time the girl can already tell if her date is a gentleman or not. On the other hand, during the date, the boy can already tell his own self that the girl he is dating is really worth the attention and time he is giving.

Michael Wren weight destroyer program


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The Roles of Semiconductor Testers in Production and Manufacturing

Production and manufacturing business is a very complex industry, but it plays a huge role in the society. Without it, there will be no basic commodities, materials, cars, technology businesses and many more. But have you ever wondered why in the world this makes it possible for the business to operate and expand? Well, it started in a small element which was invented centuries ago called a semiconductor.

Role of Semiconductor in the Industry

Before, the uses and applications of a semiconductor are limited. But as time passes by, inventors found the wide uses of a semiconductor, and it all started. The semiconductor industry has continued to grow and expand in an increasingly tough competitive market. It is a known fact that buyers expect wants only the highest and best quality of the products they are getting. Of course, to survive in the market, products must be delivered at the lowest price possible. Get more info on Rf test socket. Since common products are highly reliant on the uses of semiconductors, there have been a new invented device to maintain the precision accuracy in operating environments, and this is called nano-scale devices. To get this, semiconductor testing has turned out to be one of the most costly factors in the whole manufacturing cost. To guarantee long life spans, the semiconductors are expected to last from ten to twenty five years. This means that there is no reliability related defects in semiconductor.

To identify potential problems, it is the duty of semiconductor testers to test the product designs prior to the manufacturing process. After the end product being manufactured, they are also used to double-check the product reliability and quality. The average car, for instance, is dependent on 100 micro controllers, and each are required operating correctly to ensure safety. As a result, semiconductor testers should determine reliability in variable and harsh environments. In fact, this is the only means of delivering reliability and quality to the end customer.


The Defects

Any defects of semiconductor are broken down into 2 categories: the hardware and the software. Software defects may result from manufacturing errors, external disturbances, and bad designs. Hardware defects may result from manufacturing errors, incorrect specification, low quality, ineffective components and materials, and external disturbances. Regardless of whether the problem is in hardware, software, or a combination of both, the result will still be unacceptable in semiconductors.

Testing the Reliability of Semiconductor

Throughout the product life-cycle, semiconductor testers are utilized for prototyping to product’s end result. Prototype characterization test is the first test that takes place. The Prototype characterization test is used to spot any noticeable flaws of the initial design. The rationale for this is that the first test happens so early due to the 1:10:100 rules. The second test happens after the first production. Primarily, it identifies errors in the manufacturing process. The next 2 tests are the final and intermediate production test. Both happen during the different production and manufacturing phases. Maintenance and reception test are the last two tests. When the client receives the end-product, reception test takes place. Throughout the product life cycle, the maintenance test will take place many times.

If there is one thing that’s steady in manufacturing and production, no doubt it would be a semiconductor.

The Relationship Between Solar Energy and Semiconductors

Solar energy is radiant heat and light from the Sun attached together using a wide variety of ever-evolving technologies such as photovoltaics, solar heating,  solar thermal energy, artificial photosynthesis and solar architecture. Every technology has a basis, and that basis serves as the foundation that makes it all feasible. In the case of solar power, it is the semiconductor. These magnificent, silicon-based elements are spread across the roofs throughout the world.

But what is the relationship of solar energy and semiconductor? Sounds technical, but the concept is just simple. There are two things you should know about semiconductors. The first one is the fact that semiconductor is not exclusive to solar. In fact, it is very beneficial in the field of electronics. That’s why there is a shortage of silicon. The second one is the fact that semiconductor itself is very common in the world of technology.  Other materials, such as copper indium diselenide and cadmium telluride, are also used, but only lesser efficiencies.


Basically, a semiconductor is a device in a solar cell that absorbs sunlight and enables the division of electrons from heat waves. They can be used to generate electrical currents when electrons are freed. Hence, you always have the importance of semiconductors in the manufacturing of solar cell. A semiconductor has 2 traits, which are very important to the production of electricity:

  • Absorption Coefficient. Technically speaking, this concept is a measure as to how far the light can go through a material before being absorbed. This varies based on the kind of material and the light wavelength being absorbed. In solar cells, semiconductors have a rapid absorption, so the sunlight can be readily absorbed.
  • The Bandgap. Baaically, this represents the least amount of energy required to free an electron. A semiconductor material has 2 bands. The first one is the valence band, where there is a low energy level. The second one is the conduction band, where there is a higher energy level and electrons are freed and can move freely.

The semiconductor is the most important part of the solar cell, especially when talking about the science behind the work. It may be a bit confusing to you, but it is normal. Not all people can appreciate the world of semiconductor technicalities, but all people can identify its applications and uses.  While the physical science may be tough to understand, the works of semiconductors are fairly simple. Just understand that when the light wave is being absorbed by the semiconductor at a certain depth, it will have the capacity to free the energetic electrons from atomic bonds within a semiconductor material or silicon. Basically, the electrons bound in the valence band are energized and released into the conduction band where they produce electricity.

Throughout the years, scientists are searching for the best ways to create solar cells that are smaller, competitive in price, and more flexible. The price must be reasonable enough as to per watt as to electricity. When talking about the global function, the importance of semiconductors and solar energy will be based on searching for the latest materials that can produce sound solar cells economically and act as semiconductors.